Service for online stores

Service for internet shops: 
TMM express offers a delivery to Ukraine for internet shops.
Delivery to Ukraine: 
• pick up of the products from the shop in Poland; 
• to door delivery on the territory of Ukraine.
International delivery: 
• services of the consolidation terminals in Europe;
• preparation of the transportation documents;
• packing (packaging) and control of the goods;
• usage of the easier mechanism of the border crossing; 
• customs clearance in Poland; 
• to door delivery.
Special solutions for internet shops: 
• it-integration for faster creation of the transport documents; 
• different methods of payment (card/cash);
• sms-informing of the clients;
• goods return.
Individual assistance of the clients and online help.
For more information please contact our Customs Service office:
ph. +48 22 738 31 80