Opłata paliwowa

Fuel surcharge is a mechanism which allows to avoid frequent changes of rates for transport services in the case of changes of the fuel market prices. These changes unnecessarily engage the strength and the funds both on the side of TMM Express, but first of all on the side of our Clients. Fuel surcharge allows customers to base their cooperation with TMM Express on fixed rates. Thanks to this, changes in fuel prices, which are not affected by the company, do not cause constant changes in price lists.

The fuel surcharge mechanism has been elaborated on the basis of analyses of the share of fuel costs in the costs of the services provided by TMM Express.

Fuel surcharge is defined with the use of the so called fuel surcharge index for domestic and international services. This index means a percentage surcharge to the freight in the service. The construction of the fuel surcharge index ensures that fuel price changes are reflected both upwards and downwards. It results in a respective increase or decrease of the fuel surcharge. In particular, it results in a decrease of the surcharge down to zero if the fuel price reaches the basic price level or is lower. The value of the fuel surcharge index is calculated at the end of each month by comparing the average price of 1m3 of diesel oil in a specific month with the average price in the basic month. The calculated index is applied in the following month. The average fuel price is determined on the basis of the prices published during a specific month by BP Europa SA (https://www.bp.com/).

The current value of the fuel adjustment in TMM Express in April 2021 is:

  • international service - 14%
  • average diesel price in April  2021 - 3 989,75 pln / 1000l.

The value of the fuel surcharge will be specified as a separate item in the sale invoices.