TMM Express activities towards COVID-19

We would like to assure you that despite the introduction of the state of the epidemic in Poland and the dynamically changing situation, we make the greatest effort to ensure that logistics does not stop and the goods are transported according to the current conditions. We monitor the situation in Poland, Europe and around the world on an ongoing basis and we adapt to WHO's instructions for the safety of employees, partners and customers.

Employee safety:

We make every effort to ensure that deliveries take place safely. To this end, we have introduced a number of precautions, including:

• Regular disinfection and ventilation of TMM Express facilities

• Liquids for hand disinfection at the entrance to our locations

• posters encouraging to wash and disinfect hands more often, and how to wash hands properly

• protective gloves at document collection points

• the "smile instead of handshake" rule applies

• the need to wear protective masks for all drivers

• remote operation mode has been introduced in the offices

Protecting the health of our employees and colleagues, as well as providing service at the highest level possible in the current situation is our priority and requires the understanding and cooperation of all parties involved in the supply chain.

General rules:

Please note that due to the current situation, some companies or delivery locations may be closed, so please contact the recipient of the shipment before submitting your transport order to confirm that the delivery may be made.

In addition, by the decision of the Governments of individual countries, the borders were closed to foreigners, but they remain open to the flow of goods, and therefore orders are carried out, but due to the tightened controls at border crossing points there may be delays in their implementation.

Implementation of websites:

Domestic distribution

In the case of domestic groupage lines and other transports in Poland, we did not observe any difficulties in transport. Our distribution network functions as before.

Road Express

Our groupage international Road Express service functions as usually. The exception is Italy, where it is hindered by the closure of most jobs. Before sending the goods, we recommend that our clients contact our sales representatives and make sure that the goods can be picked up. At the same time, we would like to inform you that due to controls carried out at the borders of individual countries, the delivery time may be extended.

Air freight

We carry out shipments of our clients on an air freight basis. Transit-time of some shipments may be extended, which is caused by the lack of connections to the Warsaw airport.

We are constantly monitoring the situation related to flights to Asia and the United States and the available cargo space in these directions.

World air traffic has fallen by 60% compared to last year. Other countries are introducing restrictions or closing borders. India and South Africa have already made this decision from key markets.

Contract Logistics

TMM Express objects function smoothly. All our employees are obliged to apply the current recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate.

Due to the development of the situation, we assure our clients that if the situation changes, we will keep it informed and propose the use of alternative transport solutions.

Due to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19), which exhausts the elements of force majeure and circumstances completely independent of the contractor - forwarding, transport and logistics services - we inform that, regardless of TMM Express, there is a real risk of limiting the possibility of organizing and performing services on some directions, including the delivery of your shipments on time, and it is also possible to refuse certain orders for processing.

Due to external c тircumstances, such as blockades, mandatory checks, temperature measurement for drivers, states of emergency in some countries, as well as in connection with the announced subsequent acts of limiting the provision of services, please take this into account when planning subsequent deliveries and jointly with TMM Express determining further procedure.

Please inform your customers about the circumstances, in order to avoid your liability for the situation caused by force majeure.

If you have any questions about ongoing service, please contact your local Customer Service Department. We are at your disposal.

We invite you to cooperation!